I’m 34 years young and lives in central Sandviken with my partner Sofie and dog Melker. My major interests are Data / IT, IT Law, Web Trade, Web Development, IT Security and fishing. I am currently working as Data / IT teacher at Folkuniversitetet Gävle. Before that, I studied IT Security / Data / Network Security / IT Law / Risk Analysis and IT Procurement at Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall. Rest of my time I spend in ADK, Ark Dev Kit or watching movies. I also like to watch football and hockey on TV.

Domain / Website

This domain, prome.org, has been registered since 2002 and the name selection is quite simple. The name prome was my nickname on the IRC network DAL.net and Quake.net and has become the same on the Internet. The choice of top level domain .org, simply explained, I was young and thought that .org seemed more awesome than .se or .com. Now, afterwards, I regret the choice of top-level domain names, but it’s too much work to change. Then all subdomains must change, everything in the database must be rewritten, and all bookmarks and visitors must be informed about this.

The servers web space is in a server hall in Denmark and runs php5, MySQL and phpMyAdmin, and this has more or less led me to never seriously attempting to learn Asp and Access.

The server is currently hosting this page and various other projects. Besides that, there are blogs, some of which run with WordPress. There is a phpBB forum, a CMS installed, a public repository and some IRC stats. These are used by my friends and friends to them but I’m the one who maintains most pages & projects.